“Holly really broke down the process of auditioning for film and television and made it accessible. Even to an old theater dog like me. I found my auditions became more specific to the screen and much more compelling for a casting director.”

– Deborah Ann Woll, Actress “The Defenders”, “Daredevil”, “True Blood”

“Well, I have some good news to share…I booked the pilot “Community”. Thanks again for your help and I hope to work with you again in the future (but not too soon!).”

– Danny Pudi, Actor “Community”

“In a manner that is both nurturing and no nonsense, Holly Powell teaches and reminds us of the ABC’s of giving a confident audition. I think about the circle of concentration, a concept Holly teaches, when I am in a waiting room full of actors…she frees us to embrace the importance of creating a space for ourselves.”

– Susan Pourfar, Actress “Scandal”

“I’ve been working as an actress for 30 years, however coming from Mexico I couldn’t figure out the process of auditioning in Los Angeles. Holly made me not only understand the process, but how to actually enjoy it! I’m much more confident and specific when in the room. She just makes it easy! She’s the best!”

– Kate del Castillo, Actress, “Under The Same Moon”

“There’s a great class with Holly Powell in Los Angeles, she walks you through the four steps of testing: Pre-Read, Producers, Studio, and Network. I think the more we can arm ourselves with what each step is about, the more at ease we’ll feel. It demystifies it, which is exactly what that process needs. Bring it down from the epic to the mundane.”

– Seana Kofoed, Actress “Men In Trees” 

“On a very positive note, I did get a callback for a sitcom…and on an even better note I booked the show! I owe it all to you and the techniques. I really have appreciated all the work in your sessions. I can’t thank you enough Holly!”

– Steve Byrne, Actor “Sullivan & Son” / Comedian 

“I cannot emphasize enough how much my career has benefited from Holly’s tutelage. After taking with her, I knew what to expect in the room during all phases of casting. She demystified the audition process and her techniques helped keep me calm and focused in the audition room. All of these have directly led to success in my career.”

– Elizabeth Ho, Actress “Disjointed”

“Just three weeks into Holly’s audition technique class, I have booked two shows! Holly has helped ground me in my work & has helped to take away the mystique from the producers callback. I highly recommend her.”

– Josh Latzer, Actor “Vice”

“I’m thrilled that Holly is bringing her extensive casting experience into the classroom!”

– Tony Martinez, Talent Agent / Author “An Agent Tells All: An Uncensored Look at the Business of Acting”

“As a successful personal manager for more than twenty years I have worked with many Casting Directors. The most knowledgeable of them all is Holly Powell. Due to the combination of her professional experience, practical understanding of the casting process and her fondness for actors, Holly has created an extraordinary workshop, unlike all others, that shows actors how to easily navigate the steps needed to win the role! The end result: a working actor (and a happy manager that sent the client.)

– Michael J. Wallach, Manager / Attorney / UCLA Extension Instructor / Author “How To Get Arrested: A Motivational Story For Actors”  

“Holly has an uncanny way of helping comics and sketch/improv performers adapt their natural talents and personalities to the audition process.”

– Mark Scroggs, Agent

“A former Casting Director for 23 years she knows what it takes to deliver in the office. She teaches a four week Audition Workshop “From Pre-Read To Network”. I am getting great reports about this class.”

– Judy Kerr, Actress “Who’s That Girl” / Author “Acting Is Everything: An Actor’s Guidebook For A Successful Career In Los Angeles”

“Holly Powell knows acting! I know because she has cast shows that I have directed. Holly’s knowledge of the process of acting gives her the unique skills to coach an actor into a better performance. Her compassion for actors provides a safe haven to risk and try new choices. When I teach with Holly, our styles are so compatible. I think what we have in common is that we genuinely LIKE actors and RESPECT what they do.”

– Mary Lou Belli, Emmy Award-winning Director / Co-Author “The Sitcom Career Book: A Guide To The Louder, Faster, Funnier World Of TV Comedy”, “Acting For Young Actors: The Ultimate Teen Guide”, “Directors Tell the Story: Master the Craft of Television and Film Directing”

“Yours was one of the first workshops I took when I moved to LA last year and today I am sooooo grateful that I did. I just booked “Days Of Our Lives.” Instead of being nervous about the audition I had a blast and loved it, because I had a good solid base on what to expect thanks to your workshop.”

– Marie Del Marco, Actress “Fresh Off The Boat”